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Tax Preparation

Here at A Kaplan CPA we understand that every client is unique and requires an individual approach. During our initial conversation, we try to determine which or our two approaches is more appropriate. The first is a holistic approach that is proactive in its nature and is custom tailored to provide the maximum benefit to our clients. The second is an a la carte type of service which is reactive in its nature and focuses on the past rather than the present and the future.

Holistic Approach – “PROACTIVE”


Adjective: (of a person, policy, or action) creating or controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened

At the heart of everything we do at A Kaplan CPA is a great belief that proactive planning is the key to prosperity and success. With this in mind, we designed this approach to be a year-round, tax advisory service. This approach allows us to guide our clients in the ever-changing world that we live in. We can plan for the future based on the present situation while being able to make necessary modifications in our planning to manage timely changes to the plan as life happens.

With the holistic approach, we bundle a variety of services which fit our client’s needs to provide them with the timely business advice, the best possible tax savings and to create financial success and financial independence by the implementation of the latest available tax saving strategies.

A la carte Approach – “REACTIVE”


Adjective:  reacting to events or situations rather than acting first to change or prevent something

While we advocate the proactive approach to all of our clients, we understand that some people are reactive in nature and will come to us after the tax year is over. With this approach, we do the traditional tax preparation and provide the necessary compliance services required for us to complete tax preparation engagement. While we will leave no stones unturned to try and reduce your tax liability, since we are dealing with what has already happened in the past, the reactive nature of this approach greatly limits what we, as tax professionals, are able to offer our clients.

(Hint: As tax professionals, we really dislike this approach as we understand how much money can be saved with even proactive Tax Planning.)

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